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Christina Stavropoulos

Bremen High School3

Midlothian, IL | Cook County


September 20, 2013

Bremen HS is known for its pride, but not its academics. At Bremen, freshmen are already placed in AP classes that cannot be compared to other school's Advanced Placement classes (usually only for jrs and srs) due to the low standards. Students get points for reading the syllabus or turning in a parent signature. These points may be acceptable in elementary school when teaching children certain responsibilities, but high school students should have developed these skills already. They are being prepared for college and a higher standard should be expected. Bremen has an inflated grading point system. An A in AP classes is worth 6.4. Honors courses: 6 points; regular courses 5 points; and essential courses 4 points. This extremely inflated grading system causes students to believe that they are a lot better prepared for life and further education than they actually are. They are being mislead. Thus, Bremen is failing to teach students what it means to truly succeed. Students obtain good grades too easily and graduate often without having obtained the very basic reading, math and other science skills that are expected of an average HS graduate - see test results.

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August 13, 2013

i want my comments about bremen removed immediately. the staff is helping my children every way possible.there were some problems, but the school is helping us thru them.

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February 25, 2012

I graduated from Bremen a few years ago, it wasn't a bad school at all. It always seemed underfunded, but the staff was mostly great and they did a good job with what was given. Like any school you take out what you put in. If a student wants to be great and succeed then they will. I am reading reviews here about people's kids not placing into community college and blaming it on the teachers, but I went to Bremen and had my pick of any college I wanted. I chose the honors/AP curriculum and actually wanted to learn and I did exactly that from the excellent staff that I was lucky to have. The best quality of Bremen was that it had a somewhat small student body so you generally knew at least everyone in your class' name if you even made a half-hearted effort. I'd much prefer this than the schools t hat have multiple thousands of kids and each one is just a face in the crowd. Not the best of the best school, but definitely not a school that people should intentionally avoid.

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September 4, 2011

I hated this school!! There was a lot of bullying and the education was very easy. I was very happy when my parents moved to the Lincoln-Way School District in the middle of my freshman yr. The Lincoln-Way School District did not know were to place me because they said, "I was 3-4 yrs behind in education." I did start in the lower classes, but I did reach my goal of the higher classes.

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May 30, 2011

2nd son just graduated. I have nothing but high praises for 95% of the staff. They were wonderful to my child. They were kind, concerned caring professionals. The other 5%...well no school is perfect! There are always bad apples in the bunch. I would recommend this school to anyone. If your child wants to screw up and not take school seriously, that's what will happen. If they want to make it work-guess what-It will work! School is what they make of it. We will miss Bremen, it's onward and upward for us!

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September 30, 2010

This school is a joke my son was an honor student all four years and never brought home a book. He went to junior college where he did not test high enough to enroll in college credited classes he had to take lower leve education with no credits first. This school brings its standrad down to meet the kids that go here rather than helping the kids meet the standards other schoold are reacing.

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April 1, 2009

My daughter will be graduating this May. She is a good student, she works very hard and has no disciplinary issues whatsoever. I think Bremen does a pretty good job in preparing the kids for college that want to learn. this fall she will be attending university and I am confident she will do just fine. I might be helpful for parents of kids that are college bound to enter them their junior year into a community college while attending high school. It benefited my daughter tremendously!! it will also save me money because she currently has 26 college credits. Overall, this is a pretty good school..I would send my youngest there as well!

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November 10, 2008

My son is a junior and he has done great at this school. He has done well in all his classes. The teachers have been wonderful in keeping me up to date. There seems to be great school spirit. My son really has enjoyed the last three years.

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April 28, 2008

My daughter went to Bremen and did very well. Was on NHS and never had any discipline problems. It was when she took her tests to enter college when we discovered she was way behind the other students. She had to take summer courses before she could start her classes in the fall. Bremen needs to take a realistic look at the education they are giving these kids. Even though my daughter was a NHS student, she did not get the education she needed and had to work very hard to catch up in college.

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April 24, 2008

This school is currently under early academic warning and it's no wonder. The majority of the teachers, counselors and admin most likely chose this career for the summer and additional time off (christmas, spring and numerous holidays) This school is in bad shape. It is obvious they only care about the students who are doing extremely well and can hold thier own with the work handed to them. All other students must struggle.

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August 30, 2006

My son also wewnt to Bremen and graduated in the top 10 perecetn. He had great GPA nd no discipline problems. Once he went to colege he was unprepared for the rigors of college. He tested well on the ACT and was offered mnay scholarships. Bremem did nothing to get him into schools offer advise or give us any direction on college.

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March 10, 2005

Overall I think the quality of academic programs is excellant. The curriculum is set up for various career paths and offer college credited courses. There are many extracurricular activities to choose from depending on your interests. Teachers appreciate parent involvement in correcting any classroom issues.

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